Sometime last year, I made up my mind to be more intentional and strategic about the decisions I took. Before 2017 was over, I ensured I set up my financial goals. I was determined to invest in certain programs that would enable me achieve my objectives.


Hence, when the opportunity came to invest in one of Christian Mickelson’s courses, a course that could help me achieve my financial goals on time, I gladly jumped at it.


Christian Mickelson is a coach whose clients pay him $100,000 for a VIP day coaching session. He is one of the top coaches in the US and teaches other coaches on how to grow their businesses. Just like Emeka Nobis, he is a coach’s coach 🙂


He will be having a live event called Client Getting Mastery on the 22nd-24th of March 2018.


Client Getting Mastery is a brand new 3-day live training event designed to turn you into a client-getting machine. You will…

  • Discover cutting-edge tools that will eliminate your insecurities and install unwavering confidence in yourself and your coaching
  • Get the 3-step framework for high-level influence, so you can align your coaching with what people really want and attract high-value clients
  • Practice Free Sessions That Sell in-person, receive real-time feedback and take your signup skills to the next level
  • Learn the 3 keys to make you absolutely rejection-proof
  • Get advanced strategies for creating coaching programs that sell like hotcakes
  • Overcome any fears about charging higher fees, and talking about the money


Apart from the quality training you will receive for attending, you will get the following certifications:

  1. The Coaching Mastery Certification: Become a much more effective coach as you and his team work through your fears, doubts and limiting beliefs using his 5-step client breakthrough system. And,
  2. The Client Getting Mastery Certificate of Completion

With these two certifications, you’ll perform much better as a coach and can feel solid about charging the high-end fees.


If you feel this training and event will be valuable for you, I can get you a discounted ticket to attend the event. The event costs $5000, but I have a discounted ticket to bring a friend because I had earlier invested in his program.


If you will like to attend Client Getting Mastery Live event by Christian Mickelson ($5000 value) in San Diego, California, I can get you a ticket for about 10% of the cost i.e. $500. By virtue of my investment, if I sign you up between now and Monday, there is the possibility of upgrading the ticket to a VIP ticket.


A VIP ticket entitles you to:

  • VIP Mixer And Photo Op With Christian Mickelson (very good for PR and positioning)
  • High Quality Recordings Of The Event (save on costs to buy the recording and listen to it for life to keep growing)


Other benefits of attending the program include:

  • Ability to meet potential joint venture partners
  • Ability to sign up new clients at the event as well as other great benefits.


If interested in the ticket, kindly contact me ASAP to know how to get a discounted ticket for the event. Please note that this offer is on a first come first serve basis.


I wish you great success as you .invest in yourself and your business.